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San Francisco, CA 94124

CCLP continues to operate during the Covid-19 pandemic consistent with current public health policies and guidelines, as our program is needed now more than ever. We are answering our phones seven days a week and holding telephonic legal advice sessions with our volunteer attorneys. We are reaching out to our constituency and other organizations in our Bay Area communities to ensure our benefit recipients get the assistance they need.

Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals

COALITION OF CONCERNED LEGAL PROFESSIONALS is a free and voluntary, unincorporated private membership association of attorneys, paralegals, law students and others who have united to commit time, resources and skills to fight the lack of meaningful access to legal recourse available to low-income workers in particular, but now to a growing portion of our population losing their jobs, businesses, homes, health care and hope for their children’s futures. Together we work to discover and advance methods to fight for all those who come to us through organizations with low-income membership or constituencies. We promote ways and means of greater accessibility and availability of legal advice, education and counsel from members of the legal profession who have joined with us in this endeavor.

CCLP believes that in order for immediate change to transform into a long lasting practice, those directly affected by the injustices must take a lead role in defining the solutions and bringing about that change. If an organization purporting to fight for the interests of low-income workers does not have daily contact with those in need of assistance, it can only guess at the real needs and concerns of those it assists. CCLP partners with organizations whose memberships and constituencies face a lack of access to the law. CCLP’s structure and principles allow it to concentrate on solutions for the lowest-paid workers without financial coercion by government or other special interests.

CCLP is community supported and accepts no government funding nor any other funding that would threaten the association’s ability to provide a vehicle for fighting for legal recourse, including challenging government policies targeting portions of our population due to their economic and/or minority status or suing the government itself.

CCLP is committed to fighting the miscarriages of justice and abrogation of constitutional protections afflicting the growing portion of our population that does not have access to meaningful legal recourse.

Phone or mail CCLP at:
Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals
1237 Shafter Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94124
(415) 614-0978

Labor donated


In 1976, in Sacramento, California, local legal professionals, law students and others volunteered their time and skills to form the first CCLP. They came together to address the needs of low-income service workers who had launched a grass-roots organizing effort to improve conditions of in-home care workers, the elderly and disabled and the working poor.

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CCLP’s interests lie within the expanding, changing and often explosive questions in the field of law for low-income workers. CCLP has conducted cases that form collective action in the interest of the membership of organizations of low-income workers and can attract people to the organization to fight for those legal demands versus focusing solely on individual service.

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