The Gavel

The Gavel is the official publication of Bay Area Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals. It is devoted to covering the legal consequences flowing from complex systemic problems in our communities. The Gavel provides a forum promoting involvement by legal professionals and others active in or searching for legal and organizational solutions to the problems facing our low-income communities.

The Gavel provides articles and insight into the volatile concerns of the day, affecting 99% of the U.S. population who are served by only 5% of the attorneys in the country.

The staff of The Gavel is composed of those of proven commitment to meaningful access to the law; The Gavel, like CCLP, is all volunteer. The Gavel needs the volunteer assistance of writers, graphic artists, desktop publishers, cartoonists and photographers. If you have a submission, or wish to accept an assignment, please write to the editor.

The Gavel is published four times a year.